Civil Litigation

Burke Costanza & Carberry has represented hundreds of clients in litigation matters throughout northern Indiana. Our litigation experience includes all state and federal courts, as well as administrative agencies, and runs the gamut from negotiated resolutions, including alternative dispute resolution procedures such as mediation and arbitration, all the way through trials and appeals.

Each of the lawyers in our litigation practice limits his or her work to a few practice areas so that they have developed special expertise in those areas.

Learn more about the areas in which we apply this experience by visiting each of the litigation services practice area pages:

Our Litigation Practice Group includes senior attorneys with extensive trial experience, backed up by bright and energetic associates, experienced paralegals, and hard-working administrative professionals. Our emphasis is on delivering service to our clients that is not only effective, but also cost-effective. We are committed to prompt evaluation of cases so that the client can make good business decisions as early in a case as possible. Where our clients request it, we are experienced in creating litigation plans and budgets for more complex cases. Our goal is always to identify the client’s objectives as soon as possible, and then find the fastest, most economical way to achieve those objectives.

One of the ways in which our litigation practice delivers superior service to our clients is through the use of alternative fee arrangements. While litigation work in most firms is done strictly on an hourly rate basis, at Burke Costanza & Carberry we believe in tailoring our fee arrangements to fit the client’s needs and goals. We will design a fee arrangement in each case with the client’s objectives in mind. Our goal is always to create a client relationship that is a true partnership, where we align our interests with the client’s and share in the risks inherent in the litigation process.

As with all other areas of practice, the hallmark of our Litigation Practice Group is client service. Our client service policy is our pledge to deliver superior service at all times to our litigation clients.