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Business Lawyers

Burke Costanza & Carberry LLP provides legal services to businesses of various sizes and industries. BCC offers advice and counseling on issues such as business and commercial law, business acquisitions and mergers, contracts and agreements, employment law, healthcare, real estate, taxation, and more. The firm has a team of experienced attorneys who can help clients with their business needs and expectations.

Business Law

Litigation Lawyers

Burke Costanza & Carberry LLP assists clients in various litigation areas, including business litigation, construction litigation, personal injury, real estate litigation, and worker’s compensation.

With offices in Merrillville and Valparaiso, Indiana, our experienced team provides cost-effective and timely legal services to clients throughout northern Indiana.

Civil Litigation

Employment Lawyers

Burke Costanza & Carberry LLP provides many employment law services to businesses. BCC helps employers comply with federal, state, and local regulations and avoid litigation and liability.

BCC offers a variety of services, such as employment agreements, handbook compliance, internal investigations, severance agreements, and more. BCC also has experience in employment litigation and government audit and investigation defense.

Employment Law

Estate & Trust Planning and Administration Lawyers

Burke Costanza & Carberry LLP provides all esteat planning, trust planning, and trust administration services. BCC assists clients in instituting estate planning to reduce the ultimate tax liability of their estates, implement our clients’ intentions in the distribution of their assets, and maximize the value and growth of their assets during their lifetimes.

Estate planning is an ongoing process that organizes your affairs in preparation for the end of your life.

Estates, Wills & Trusts

Collections Lawyers

Burke Costanza & Carberry’s Commercial Services Practice Group offers legal services in collections. We comply with all relevant laws and guidelines and use innovative strategies to protect our clients’ rights. We have experience in federal and state courts and can handle any type of commercial litigation. We provide personal attention, responsive service, and reasonable fees to our clients.

Commercial Services

Immigration Lawyers

The Immigration Law Cetner at BCC is a full-service immigration law practice. The immigration services include Citizenship & Naturalization, Deportation / Removal Defense, Employment Immigration, Family Immigration.

Meetings can take place in Merrillville, IN and in Hyde Park, Chicago, IL.

Immigration Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Burke Costanza & Carberry LLP is offers mediation and arbitration services for various types of disputes, such as civil litigation, domestic relations, business transactions, and more. Mediation and arbitration are alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods that can help parties resolve their conflicts without going to court. ADR is encouraged by the Indiana Supreme Court and can be ordered by the trial courts or agreed upon by the parties.

Mediation & Arbitration

Personal Lawyers

Burke Costanza & Carberry LLP provides many legal services to individuals. Some of those services include Elder Law / Medicaid Planning, Estate Planning, Adult Guardianships, Family Law, Immigration, Probate Administration, Real Estate, Taxation & Veterans’ Disability.

With offices in both Merrillville and Valparaiso, BCC has several lawyers who concentrate their practice on personal legal services.

Lawyers for Individuals