Mediation & Arbitration Lawyers

The Indiana Supreme Court has encouraged all types of alternative dispute resolution, typically referenced as “ADR” to resolve any claims, lawsuits, litigation, and all kinds of cases since 1992, when the Indiana Rules for Alternative Dispute Resolution were first promulgated. These rules provide for each trial court, to order mandatory ADR, or to approve the agreement of the parties who decide to so participate.

Mediation and arbitration have become the centerpiece of ADR in Indiana, and have become standard practice in all courts. ADR has fundamentally changed the litigation process, and has become an essential factor in fostering all types of settlements. The ADR Rules have even been amended to permit Pre-Suit Mediation when the parties choose to proceed prior to filing any lawsuit.

The Indiana Supreme Court has also revised its family law and domestic relations ADR rules to allow for mediation and arbitration without any lawyers. It has become quite common for the parties in such cases to resort to “pro se” representation i.e. representing themselves (without any attorneys) and participating in the ADR process under the guidance of a trained professional mediator and/or arbitrator.

At Burke Costanza & Carberry LLP we have lawyers who do mediation that have been trained to conduct all types of ADR:

  • Civil Litigation
  • Domestic Relations Cases
  • Business & Commercial Transactions
  • Construction Disputes
  • Labor & Employment Matters
  • Municipal, Zoning & Public Issues
  • Real Estate Claims

The ADR Rules also recognize the following formal alternative methods:

  • Arbitration
  • Summary Jury Trials
  • Mini-Trials
  • Private Judges

Each of the above is governed by specific requirements.