Join BCC in Honoring Our Veterans

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Veterans' Law

Burke Costanza & Carberry joins its employees and the rest of the nation in recognizing Veterans Day and honoring all who served in the U.S. Armed Forces past and present.  We celebrate and pay tribute to America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. 

In particular we would like to recognize members of Burke Costanza & Carberry and their families that have served, or are serving, and in appreciation of their service we have made a donation to the Disabled American Veterans, an organization that provides assistance to disabled veterans and their families.

John Naughton (USMC)
Jeremy Naughton (USMC)
Jeremy Westerhout (Army)
Tyler Ball (USMC)
Zachary Romano (Army)
Charles F. Roth (USMC)
Ty Phipps (Army)
Henry Singh (Army)
Steven Singh (Army)
Tyler Daniels (USMC)
Eliseo Sanchez (Army)
Ruben Sanchez (Army)
Jordan Eitel (USAF)
Forrest Whitaker (Army)
Charles Zavesky (Army)
John Borman (ARNG)
John Fessler (Army)
Patrick Lee Beattie (USMC)

Paul Leonard Sr. (AAC)
George “Bud” Leonard, Jr. (Army)
Lawrence Leonard (Navy)
John F. Leonard (AAC)
Kevin Leonard (USAF)
Richard Marino (Army)
Schuyler K. Geller (USAF)
Harvey DeRouin (Army/USAF)
Edward Lee “Shorty” Crisp (Army)
Santiago Fuentes Jr. (Army)
Victor J. Prasco (USAF)
Chad Nally (USAF)
Darrell Nally (Army)
Ryan Pelsy (Army)
Mark Bertram (Army)
B. Shannon Jones (USMC)
Tyler Hughes (USAF)

Gary Snyder (USMC)
Andrew Burgan (Navy)
Wiley Bailey (Army)
Earl Harman (Army)
Gerald L. Burke (USMC)
Will Scott (Army)
Joseph Markiewicz (USAF)
Greg Mocha (Army)
Samuel J. Bushemi (USMC)
John A. Bushemi (Army)
Joseph A. Bushemi (Army)
Glenmore Tiller (Army)
James Glen Tiller (Army)
Carl A. Duvall (Navy)
Ronald Countryman (Army)
Charlie Brown (Army)
Leroy Duvall (Army)

Please take a moment on this Veterans Day to pause and give thanks to those who answered the call to defend our freedom and protect our country.

More about Chad W. Nally

More about Chad W. Nally

Chad Nally is a Partner at Burke Costanza & Carberry, LLP and a member of the firm’s litigation and business practice groups. Chad’s practice primarily focuses on representing both businesses and individuals in the areas of creditor’s rights, collections, and commercial litigation. Chad is also a disabled veteran who assists other veterans with their legal needs.