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Veterans’ Disability Lawyers

Are you an injured and disabled veteran or a family member of one? At Burke Costanza & Carberry LLP, among many veterans’ law services, we assist former military personnel who have received a denial letter after submitting an application for veterans’ disability benefits. We can also help by providing guidance and representation for those who wish to file an appeal or simply wish to discuss and learn more about your options. Other veterans’ law services include:

  • Injury or Death Caused by the VA
  • Veteran Affairs Disability Benefits and Appeals
  • Exposure to Environmental Hazards
  • Agent Orange
  • Military Discharges

We can assist with service connected disability compensation benefits as well as non-service connected pension benefits. VA service connected disability compensation benefits are monthly payments made to veterans, and, in some cases, their families. The veteran is entitled to compensation when he or she can show that this disability is related to an injury or event in service. For servicemen who served in a period of war, the VA law allows non-service connected pension benefit, regardless of whether the disability was service connected.

For additional information on Burke Costanza & Carberry’s veterans’ disability services, please contact Chad W. Nally.

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