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Franchise Lawyers


Our firm provides benefits to clients on both sides of the franchising spectrum in Indiana and Illinois. Our experience in franchise law tells us that franchisor and franchisee clients benefit from having attorneys who have represented clients on both sides.

We will aid start-up and established franchisors, with business development and formation. We help franchisors meet the compliance burdens at the state and federal levels and help them to navigate common pitfalls that can escalate if ignored or not addressed effectively.

Services for Franchisor Clients:

  • Structuring and documenting franchise program; drafting Franchise Agreements, Franchise Disclosure Documents, and other related agreements and documents.
  • Preparing annual state registration and periodic amendments to the Franchise Disclosure Document, respond to state regulators questions and concerns regarding the required registrations.
  • Franchise terminations and transfers and counseling on compliance with federal and state relationships regulation.
  • Addressing relationship problems and advising on ways to enhance franchise relationships.
  • Advising franchisors and franchisees of area development and master franchises and negotiating related agreements.

Services for Franchisee Clients:

  • Review and explain the framework of the franchisor system, agreements, and Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  • Ensure the franchise agreement is not signed before the time required by statute.
  • Assist in negotiating more favorable terms of the franchise agreement.

Please contact Layne C. Marino in our Merrillville office for additional information on Burke Costanza & Carberry’s franchise law services.

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