Attorney John P. Bushemi led development of two (2) local solar energy generating facilities now operating in Griffith and East Chicago.  Bushemi served as lead counsel for project zoning and regulatory permits approved by both communities.  Arrays of solar panels at the sites convert sunlight into electricity without any moving parts or environmental emissions.  The electricity is fed into adjacent NIPSCO electric transmission lines.  NIPSCO buys the electricity from both renewable energy sites through power purchase agreements.  Each facility generates 2,500 megawatt hours of electricity per year – enough electricity to power 350 homes.  Attorney Bushemi stated: “These facilities generate clean homegrown renewable energy for residents and businesses that will last for decades with no harmful emissions to our environment”.  Local skilled union electricians and building trades workers were employed to construct the projects.  The projects were developed by Community Energy, Inc. of Boulder, CO.

Attorney Bushemi is available for consultation on government and regulatory matters including land use and zoning issues.