Business owners beware.  The Indiana Secretary of State Business Services Division has issued a scam alert arising from fraudulent compliance requests being sent from an unknown source to Hoosier businesses.  Many businesses have reported receiving a deceptive letter that appears to come from an official government source.  The mailing includes a letter and a form to record the company’s annual minutes with a fee of $125.  It gives the appearance of coming from a legitimate government agency and cites state law.

BCC attorneys have reviewed several of these fraudulent letters received by their clients and find that all letters so far come from “Corporate Records Services.”  They include a return response date to give the impression that prompt action is necessary. It may look something like this:

Please be on notice that this letter is not an official letter from the Indiana Secretary of State Business Division or any other Indiana state agency.  Feel free to disregard this correspondence, or report it to the Indiana Secretary of State Business Services Division at (317) 232-6576.

Some red flags to consider when receiving correspondence that may appear to be official:

  • Does the official seal or name of the government agency appear to be the same as that on the government agency’s online website?
  • Is the form received available on the government agency’s website and are the fees the same as those stated online?
  • Is the form’s return address the same as the address of the government agency?

If you may have any doubt regarding an official letter or document received, please do not hesitate to call one of our attorneys to review the legitimacy of the correspondence.

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