Equivalent to 21,181 Pounds Donated In March Against Hunger

by | Apr 3, 2012 | News

For the second year, Burke Costanza & Carberry LLP competed in the Attorney General’s March Against Hunger Food Drive Competition. This year, the attorneys and staff donated over 778 pounds of food and $4,080 dollars to the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana.  These dollars and pounds translated to over 20,000 points in the contest and BCC is hoping this number will lead in the medium sized firm division.

During the month of March, contest organizers within the firm kept donations flowing in through a series of inter-firm competitions and practice group rivalries. Creative leadership within each of the practice groups resulted in a variety of contests, bake sales, and fundraising efforts.  Though the inter-firm rivalries and team spirit kept the contest lighthearted and fun, the participants were well aware their efforts addressed a very serious need in Northwest Indiana. The firm kicked off this year’s campaign with remarks from Derek Frazier, procurement manager of the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana.  Many were surprised to learn the Food Bank distributed over 5 million pounds of food in 2011 alone.

At the close of the competition, the mood in the firm was nearly jubilant as the totals of donated food and funds were tallied and announced. Managing partner George Carberry summed up the BCC’s efforts:

While the generosity of my co-workers and colleagues at the firm is not surprising to me, the sheer volume of their food and financial contributions toward the Attorney General’s “March Against Hunger” is both inspiring and humbling.  The good people of BCC “Marched Against Hunger” the same way Grant, as the saying goes, “marched against Richmond;” their selfless efforts amounted to an all-out “attack” on hunger in the State of Indiana, and as a result of their good work in response to the Attorney General’s call, many, many Hoosiers will be able to feed their families in the months ahead.  I’m also very grateful to my colleague Ann Marie Woolwine for her smart and enthusiastic leadership of our office campaign.

BCC awaits word from the Attorney General’s office as to how its efforts rank in this year’s competition.  Regardless of the outcome, the firm is proud of its successful campaign and the generosity of its members.

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